Other Beneficial Features of EFS Chip Dispensing Kiosk

Aside from the top features, EFS Kiosk also guarantees plenty of beneficial features and these are as follows:

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Eliminate Charge Backs

Chargeback is a particular transaction that is disputed by card issuer and cardholder. There are varieties of reasons for charge backs but the most common of all is the terminated services, fraud, errors and disputes. Chargeback is the costly part of credit card acceptance; however, individuals can reduce this by using the EFS Kiosk. This also entails transaction accuracy and customer satisfaction.
Decreased Payroll

Decreased Payroll

Chip dispensing kiosk has become widespread and many are utilizing this kiosk for purchasing dollars. The Chip dispensing kiosk has been noted to be one reliable, effective and highly innovative system with touch screen features allowing individuals to transact on the screen. The widespread utilization has become apparent and this helps in saving on wages and decreasing payroll.
Faster Transactions

Faster Transactions

With the machines easy to use features, individuals are assured not just faster transactions but also the safest ones. All you need to do is purchase dance dollars from this chip dispensing kiosk, select the quantity of token you prefer, choose an option, it can be debit card transaction or credit card transaction, swipe the card and enter the pin. Chips will then be dispensed.

Increase Dance Dollars Sales

Since many individuals are using this chip dispensing kiosk, the sales of dance dollars are also expected to rise.

Increase VIP Rooms Turnover

VIP rooms are reserved for important individuals. As VIP persons, they are given special privileges, attention, and service. VIP rooms are offered in several types of establishments. VIP treatment may include exclusive seating and being graced with a higher level of convenience and comfort. With the active operations of a chip dispensing kiosk, an increase in the use of VIP rooms is expected. Guest are able to use this streamlined transaction process to pay for their entertainment quickly and easily, and therefor VIP rooms will be occupied more often.
Increase Liquor Sales

Increase Liquor Sales

By using the EFS kiosk , dance dollars transactions are completed quickly and easily upfront. This allows for more attention to be paid , faster service and more frequent visits to the table by the server and or Host. This will eliminate guest waiting and wasted time thus increasing opportunity to sell more liquor.
Increased in the Quality of Customers Service

Increased in the Quality of Customer Service

The EFS Kiosk allows the employees to focus more on the guest and their experience rather than spending their time dealing with the paperwork of a transaction. Transactions are quick and secure with chips being dispensed immediately to the guest from the EFS Kiosk, allowing for greater customer satisfaction and enables a higher quality of service from the staff.   EFS also offers round the clock customer assistance and support.
Increased Revenue

Increased Revenue

One of the most wonderful beneficial features of EFS chip dispensing kiosk is its ability of increasing revenue through yielding additional percentage upon chips redemption.
Improved Advertising tools

Improved Advertising tools

The EFS Kiosk features marketing banners on primary screens, which is an excellent tool for advertising promotion, special events or incentives for monthly, weekly and daily events.

Completely changes the business standards by means of decreasing the costs accrued in management, accounting, office and other departments.

This machine largely assists any type or size of business to minimize the expenses accumulated in accounting, office management, and any other departments. Payroll in any business can be a huge expense. Use of the EFS Kiosk can significantly reduce cost of payroll in every department.

EFS Kiosk Minimizes the Expenses of paperwork and supplies related to the way dance dollars are run these days

This machine is integrated with remarkable features to make the processing of documents stress free, and at the same time, minimize the costs of the process. Use of the EFS Kiosk will significantly reduce cost of materials. Many of the clubs today, use paper dance dollars which are not reusable and are a monthly expense. EFS chips are reusable upon redemption and cannot be counterfeited. The EFS Kiosk can also eliminate other forms of paperwork involved with transactions, which has become the standard of today’s Gentlemen’s Clubs.

Personalize Your Machine With Your Option of Color or Wrap

By letting our customers select the color or wrap of their choice, it allows the EFS machine to better fit in the clubs environment and or theme.

Personalize Your Entertainment Financial Solutions (EFS) WithYour Brand Logo and Company Name.

Yes, we made it possible to personalize the machine with your business logo and company logo. The machine’s software has been designed to allow you to advertise your company on the main screen of the EFS Kiosk.
Custom Chips

Personalize the Chips With the Company Name, Colors, Logo and Chip Denominations

The fact that we use high technology in creating the machine, we also have the capability to personalize the chips with your brand name, color that reflects the business, the logo you want no matter what kind it is and most of all chip denomination.

Electronic Financial Services Machine Cannot Be Counterfeited or Replicated.

We assure you that EFS chips cannot be duplicated or counterfeited. We use state of the art technology in order to make these chips secure.

EFS Kiosk Is Intended to Meet the Needs of Our Customers

After years of research and development within the Gentlemen’s club industry, we made this EFS kiosk, including the software, hoppers, screens and design, in order to specifically suit the needs of your business. This machine is integrated with a very powerful feature that is only accessible in our company making your business successful and thriving.

Our EFS Machine Is Equipped With Safety Features.

Not only does our company focus on providing you and your business with great service , state of the art technology, we are also concerned about your safety and protection. For this reason, the EFS kiosk machine is equipped with a video and camera system for capturing the transactions of the users. With this feature, you are assured of a stress free and safe transaction, every time. 

It Is Equipped With State of the Art Software for Easy and Accurate Transactions

The EFS Kiosk machine is integrated with state of the art features that provide you the capability to access transactions and sales reports all through our custom program and software, which records times, dates, and pictures of every transaction. All transactions can be accessed through out back of the house management system included in our software.

Responsive Technology

EFS Kiosk is equipped with sensitive touch response technology for a stable, “ drift free always accurate” response.

USB Interface

Our machine is integrated with a USB interface to upload data and essential information.

Those Are Just A Few Main Benefits, There Are Plenty More