EFS Pocker Chip MASTER

Why EFS?

Credit card machines are great modern inventions that benefit individuals in various ways. Cash dispensing machines were invented and have become common scenery in different areas, but as time flies, and technology rises, more advanced machines are expected to emerge. Credit card machines make it highly possible for individuals (guests) to make easy and fast transactions. These machines carry reliable credit card processors that are also the industry’s most trusted way for safe and secure transactions at all times.

Many individuals are used to ATM machines that dispense cash. However, we are the only source that provides a machine that dispenses chips instead of cash. This set up is now generating a great deal of attentions and interest. You can now purchase merchandise (in the form of chips) from our patented chip dispensing kiosk. Our EFS Kiosk now allows clients of an establishment to purchase merchandise on a credit card to be redeemed for services.

Choosing the right credit card machine is imperative for it can fulfill all your unique needs. By choosing EFS machines, you can say “good-bye” to charge backs. There are well-known and easy to use machines available these days that are backed up with the latest innovation and technology but not all these can provide you the best overall value. A new chip dispensing kiosk from Entertainment Financial solutions (EFS) is now introduced and this will revolutionize the way transactions are made.

This credit card processing kiosk machine is the new patented and proud achievement of Entertainment Financial Solutions. EFS kiosk is the very first of its kind, with state of the art and innovative technology and design. The machine delivers proven reliability and high quality results you can expect from industry leaders.